5 Fast Facts About Gerald Ford

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Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

Gerald Ford may best well be known for being the only U.S. President that was not elected into office. Having taken office after the resignation of Richard Nixon, Ford culminated his long political career hold the nation's highest office. Below are facts that you maybe did not know about the 38th president.

  • Football - Long before he entered politics, Ford was an outstanding football player at the University of Michigan.

  • Warren Commission - In 1963 Ford was appointed to the task force that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

  • Proclamation 4313 - Shorty after taking office in 1974, Ford introduced an amnesty program for those who fled the United States to avoid military service during Vietnam.

  • Longest Living President - Ford is the longest living president at 93 years 165 days.

  • Education For All Handicapped Children - In 1975 Ford signed the education for all handicapped children act, which ensured equal education protection for handicapped children.